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Surveys and studies

We carry out surveys and studies on a range of issues for our clients, as well as for businesses and local governments:

  • feasibility and opportunity studies for new services or products;
  • sectoral studies on transport in Europe;
  • surveys and analyses on fuel distribution;
  • market studies on the expectations of transport carriers and drivers;
  • positioning studies for road transport services; and
  • briefing notes.

We make a concerted effort to ensure that our studies consistently reflect a 'ground' perspective that supports, corroborates and proves trends demonstrated through theoretical approaches as well as those drawing on statistics and documentation. Based on the expectations of our clients and the needs of the study, we set up personal interview surveys on-premises at the company or on the road. We use both telephone- and web-based survey techniques. We act through a co-contracting agreement with partners that we have selected for their expertise and responsiveness.

Traffic counts and parking surveys

We conduct traffic counts to analyse traffic on the road. For instance, we have already analysed the customary parking practices of vehicles transporting dangerous goods (TDG) on a major motorway. We have also assessed the use of rest areas and the adequacy of available parking to meet the needs of drivers. This large-scale operation mobilised more than 50 pollsters and enabled in-depth evaluation of the degree of overcapacity in motorway rest areas. The 'parking surveys' we conduct in multiple languages and, where relevant, in the evening and at night, serve to expand the knowledge of our clients by documenting the first-hand experience of the drivers surveyed.