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Operational consulting performed on-premises

Our extensive experience in the petroleum sector enables us to support you operationally, in your strategic planning and execution for fuel procurement, whether by delivery of your home base facilities or through fleet card purchases.
We support you throughout each phase:


Audits are carried out on-premises by our consultants using specially designed tools: DiagovracTM and DiagocardTM.

Our consultants can monitor the way fuel is managed at your company, compare the results of the audit with the prevailing best practice in the sector and suggest improvements to be made.

These audits cover fuel procurement and fuel cost management, taking into account the state of the facilities.

Strategic recommendation

Following the audit, we draft a strategic recommendation for your fuel expenditures, taking into consideration your specific challenges and internal business objectives, suppliers currently on contract and your geographic location with respect to fuel logistics. We then seek to identify the suppliers whose offer best meets the needs identified.

Organisation of tenders

We short-list and contact potential suppliers. We draft the tender documents.

We analyse the tender submissions and hold meetings for the presentation of offers by potential tenderers.

We negotiate together with you before proceeding to set out a recommendation.

Implementation and training of personnel

At the conclusion of this process, we devise and implement procedures, then train your personnel.