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Fuel Brokering

CET offers a simple, professional brokering service – free of charge – which enables you to benefit from the assistance of an expert in the negotiation of your fuel contracts, for both truck delivery and fleet card supply.

Simple: all you have to do is complete a request for information (left-hand navigation bar) and a consultant will contact you to outline your needs.
Please know that completing this form is in no way binding.

Professional: you will benefit from more than 25 years of experience in the fuel distribution sector, enabling you to present a complete, well-argued case to suppliers and devise ‘win/win’ strategies likely to guarantee competitive pricing in the long term. Your only commitment, should you decide to work with us, will be to grant us exclusive rights. This is applicable only to the terms and length outlined in your contract.
Contractual documents are validated by CET prior to presentation for signature.

Confidential: We undertake to protect the confidentiality of the information you disclose to us, apart from, of course, the contacts necessary to fulfilment of the assignment.

Free: Our service does not incur any fees for you, even if you do not accept the offer presented to you by CET. CET is remunerated by partner suppliers for its role as a commercial agent throughout the duration of the contract, and for the volumes sold under contract. We act in full transparency.